Hi Everyone,
We had an awesome time in Los Angeles this weekend at the Young Adult show from Hello Giggles and Gallery1988!
We had the opportunity to meet a few incredible artists  - Kat Brunnegraff, Julia Green, and Maggie Mull. Everybody’s pieces were amazing. We also ate some sweet food (Wurstkuche, M.A.K.E., In-n-Out, Blue Plate Taco, Urth Cafe), and made it to a number of cool places (Amoeba, Father’s Office, LACMA – Kubrick exhibit).

A little more about the piece we made for the show:
Our piece, “Night of the Living Clay,” is based on our favorite Goosebumps book, Night of the Living Dummy.  We decorated the room’s interior  using dollhouse wallpaper and wood flooring.  The furniture pieces are dollhouse furniture as well, including the bed, dresser, end table, and alarm clock.  All of the figures are hand-sculpted using polymer clay.  Liz made the sheets, bedspread, carpeting, and girls’ dresses out of fabric.  The girls’ hair were made out wool and felted into shape.  We also made a bunch of things to add detail to the room, including some books, toys, and even a portrait of Barky!

The complete diorama is available for purchase on Gallery1988’s website.

The Young Adult show is up from February 2 to 23. You should definitely check it out if you’re in town. 
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